Industrial Rail New York Central Hopper #868001

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Data Codes on This Model

YO 4-60 - This code identifies that the car was serviced on April 1960.
BLT 8-37 - This car was built in August of 1937
LOT 832-H - '832' represents a group of cars purchased by the NYC, 'H' represents that this group is comprised of hoppers.

The Real New York Central  868001

Built in 1948 by Despatch Shops Inc., the real NYC 868001 was part of a group of NYC 2-bay hoppers cars numberd 868000-86999. These 32' self clearing offset hoppers had a capacity of 55 tons. They served with NYC reporting marks from 1948-1977.


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Box Description:

027 Hopper New York Central

  • Die Cast Metal Trucks & Wheels
  • Needle Point Axles
  • Detailed Brake Wheels
  • Metal Couplers
  • Injection Molded Bodies
  • Hand Painted Bodies
  • Operating Doors (where applicable)
  • Detailed Underframe

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