Industrial Rail HobbyTownUSA Boxcar #1998

About This Model

The HTUSA98 boxcars were custom made for the HobbyTownUSA retail chain. According to HobbyTownUSA, only about 200 of these cars were produced. They were given by United Model Distributors (UMD) as gifts to HobbyTown store owners.   The cars were not intended for retail sales, however many did find their way to the sales floor.

Data Codes on This Model

Collector Series 1998 - these cars were not part of a series.  There are no other HobbyTownUSA cars.

The Real HobbyTown Boxcar

There is no prototype for this car.


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Box Description:

027 Box Car
HobbyTown USA

  • Die Cast Metal Trucks & Wheels
  • Needle Point Axles
  • Detailed Brake Wheels
  • Metal Couplers
  • Injection Molded Bodies
  • Hand Painted Bodies
  • Operating Doors (where applicable)
  • Detailed Underframe

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