Industrial Rail Pacific Fruit Express Reefer Car #97770

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Data Codes on This Model

R-30-12-9 - This is a code used by PFE to identify a class of reefers rebuilt in the late 1930s
PKD SP 6-20-40 L.A. SHOPS - this car is equipped with friction bearing trucks, location and date of last lub
ROS. 4-40 - this car is the location and date of recent service on this car

The Real 97770

Built in 1924, PFE 97770 was a class R-30-12 40' foot wooden reefer. The R-30-12 class cars were a redesign of the earlier PFE car. These newly designed cars included higher doors and steel roofs. Almost 12,000 reefers in this class were built. Between 1938 and 1940 the R-30 cars were targeted by an agressive reconditioning program. The rebuilt cars were renumbered from 91022-98718 and saw use well into the 1960's.


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Box Description:

IDM 2002
O27 Reefer Car
Union Pacific - Pacific
Fruit Express

Car Features

  • Die Cast Metal Trucks & Wheels
  • Needle Point Axles
  • Detailed Brake Wheels
  • Metal Couplers
  • Injection Molded Bodies
  • Hand Painted Bodies
  • Operating Doors
  • Detailed Underframe

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