Industrial Rail New York Central Boxcar #180195

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Data codes found on this model
XM - Association Of American Railroads code identifiying this car as a general boxcar equipped with side doors.
BG 8-59 - This car was serviced at Beach Grove, Indiana in August of 1959
BLT 8-45 - This car was built in August of 1945

The Real New York Central 180195

Built in 1952 by the Pulman compnay, the real NYC 180195 was part of a NYC numberd set of cars ranging from 180000-180499.  These 40'6" steel boxcars had a capacity of 55 tons and were equiped with 6' doors.  They served with NYC reporting marks from 1952-1976.


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Box Description:

IDM 1008
O27 Boxcar
New York Central System

Car Features

  • Die Cast Metal Trucks & Wheels
  • Needle Point Axles
  • Detailed Brake Wheels
  • Metal Couplers
  • Injection Molded Bodies
  • Hand Painted Bodies
  • Operating Doors
  • Detailed Underframe

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