Industrial Rail Gulf Oil Tank Car #5890

About This Model

Released mid-2000

The gulf cars are among the most difficult Industrial Rail cars to find. These cars are sought after by not only model railroaders, but also by collectors of Gulf memorabilia.  The gulf cars often command a higher resale price than other cars in the Industrial Rail line.

Unlike many of the series 6000 tank cars, this car has its road number printed on the frame.

There is an error in the printing on all Industrial Rail Gulf Oil tank cars. In the car data a spelling error can be found "Sharon, PA" incorrectly spelled "Sharom".

Data Codes on This Car

SHN 4-47 - this car was inspected at Sharon, PA in April, 1947
BUILT 4-47 - this car was built in April, 1947
ICC 105 A300W -

The Real GATX 5892

Until well into the 1970s, Gulf Oil sold distinctive brands of petrol/gasoline. One of these was the premium brand No-Nox Ethyl. The slogan “That Good Gulf Gasoline” was a slogan used in advertising and promotion.

This car references GATC Co. E. Chicago, IL.  GATC, predecessor of GATX, was founded by Max Epstein in 1898 and a specialty rail car lessor under the name German-American Car Company. By 1907, with 360 tank cars and 73 refrigerator cars, the company was beginning to focus on tank cars leasing. That same year, it moved its repair facilities from Chicago, Illinois, to a larger site in East Chicago, Indiana.

The company attracted customers by creating custom-designed cars for their products. Among its early specialty cars were chromium steel-lined cars to transport nitric acid; rubber-lined cars for phosphoric and muriatic acid; high pressure cars, which were developed in 1914; nickel-lined cars for transport of caustic substances; and air-tight cars for dry-ice transport. By 1916 the business merited a stock offering, and stock was listed under the name General American Tank Car Company (GATC), which served as a holding company for its subsidiaries.

In 1928 GATC purchased Sharon Tank Car Corporation, whose manufacturing facilities in Sharon, Pennsylvania, became GATC's second building site.


  • Car Number: 5890
  • Model ID: IDM
  • Model Number: 6011
  • UPC: 9983806011-9
  • Car Type: Tank Car
  • Reporting Mark: GATX
  • Railroad: Gulf Oil
  • Color: Black
  • Box Type: UMD - Pic

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Box Description:

IDM 6011
O27 Tank Car
Gulf Gasoline

  • Die Cast Metal Trucks & Wheels
  • Needle Point Axles
  • Detailed Brake Wheels
  • Metal Couplers
  • Injection Molded Bodies
  • Hand Painted Bodies
  • Operating Doors (where applicable)
  • Detailed Underframe

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