Industrial Rail Work Cabooses

Series 1705 Work Caboose

The Industrial Rail work caboose features an operating derrick boom.  The car's design is based more on the HO Model Power work caboose than on any actual prototype. The IR car design shares the Model Power car's derrick boom, handrail and and cabin design.

Work Caboose

Work cabooses served a very different purpose than traditional caboose.  Work cabooses were designed as mobile tool sheds rather than crew quarters.  These specialized cars were used in Maintenance-of-way service.

  1. Industrial Rail Car #25 Work Caboose #25
  2. Industrial Rail Car #912768 Burlington Northern Work Caboose #912768
  3. Industrial Rail Car #1698 Norfolk Southern Work Caboose #1698
  4. Industrial Rail Car #49160 Pennsylvania Work Caboose #49160
  5. Industrial Rail Car #5334 Santa Fe Work Caboose #5334

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