Industrial Rail Flatcars w/ Stakes

Series 7500 Bulkhead Flat Cars with Stakes

The Industrial Rail 7500 series flat cars are based on the typical 40' flatcar design used on many of the nation's rail carriers. These cars feature simulated wood decks, pre-installed bulkheads, and 14 user installed restraining stakes.

Cars in this series share their basic design with the series 7000 loaded flat cars, series 1700 work cabooses, and series 7000 loaded bulkhead flat cars.

Flat Cars

Among the earliest types of freight cars, flatcars continue to serve as a valuable part of railroading. Flatcars are used to move a wide variety of loads which do not require protection from weather. These cars, are constructed with steel underframes, wood floors and stake pockets on the sides and ends for fastening tie-downs that keep loads from shifting. Bulkhead flat cars are a specialized type of flatcar designed which includes reenforced end-walls (bulkheads) to prevent loads from shifting past the ends of the car.

  1. Industrial Rail Car #8975 Baltimore and Ohio Flatcar w/ Stakes #8975
  2. Industrial Rail Car #491330 Pennsylvania Flatcar w/ Stakes #491330
  3. Industrial Rail Car #491332 Pennsylvania Flatcar w/ Stakes #491332
  4. Industrial Rail Car #92993 Santa Fe Flatcar w/ Stakes #92993

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